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100pcs Cactus Seeds Real Prickly Pear Succulent Plant Seeds Lithops Bonsai Planting for Diy Home Garden Supplies Potted

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The package includes:
100 pcs cactus seeds

Cactus is light and drought resistant and suitable for growth in neutral and slightly alkaline soils. Usually used as a fence, the stem is used for medicinal purposes, and the berries are sweet and sour. Flowering period 6-10 (-12) months.

Cultivation Techniques

1. Cultivate soil selection. Cactus like a well-drained slightly alkaline fertile sandy soil. The cultivated soil of the family cultivated cactus can be prepared by mixing 2 parts of compost, 4 parts of garden soil and 4 parts of river sand.
Flower pot selection. The pots are small and should not be large. Generally, as long as they are slightly larger than the shape of the plant, some small tiles can be placed at the bottom of the basin to facilitate drainage. Do not bury too deep when planting, as long as it is stable.

2. Ventilation and shading. Cactus can promote the growth of plants in the sun. For this reason, the sun should be seen more, but shade should be shaded in the summer to prevent sunburn damage from direct sunlight. For long-term non-ventilated cactus, it is easily damaged by red spiders during the dry and hot season, showing a yellowish brown color that affects its growth and ornamental value. To avoid this, place it in a well ventilated area. In addition, cactus is prone to frostbite when the temperature is lower than 5 ¡ãC, so it is necessary to prevent frost damage in winter.

3. Watering and fertilizing. Cactus is drought-tolerant, watering should be less and less, avoid water in the basin, keep it semi-wet, 6-8 months is the season of cactus growth, want to promote fast growth, usually water once a day. To keep the soil moist, pay attention to drainage during the rainy season and not water during the dormant period. Do not water the stems of the stems with velvet hair or white powder and grafted parts. Fertilization is in the strong growing season, but it is best to use fully decomposed organic fertilizer or slag fertilizer.

4. Change the basin. The roots of cactus flowers are developed, growing and aging, and also excreting an organic acid that acidifies the soil. It is necessary to change pots and new cultured soils 1-2 times a year. The potting time should be in the dormant period, and the basin can be changed between early spring March or autumn October. When changing the pot, the old roots of the plant should be cut off, and the long roots should be cut short to promote new roots.

Sale price USD $5.00 Regular price USD $20.00

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