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10Pcs/Set 44% Peroxide Dental Equipment Teeth Whitening Dental Bleaching System Oral Gel Kit

6 Reviews

Sale price USD $29.00 Regular price USD $16.00

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  • one color

- It can effectively whiten your teeth to make you more beautiful, thus increasing your confidence.
-This professional powerful whitening brush cleaner can reduce the use of whitening gels.
-The reactive oxygen bubbles can immediately begin to remove the stains.
-Put a teeth whitening contrast card on the side, then you can clearly witness the process of teeth whitening.

Product Features:
-LASER LIGHT: Speeds up the whitening process by up to two times faster
-GEL SYRINGES WITH TIPS: High-quality grade gel used to whiten teeth significantly in as little as one usage
-MOUTH TRAYS: Mouth trays used to place over teeth and leave for 25-30 minutes to let the gel work
-SHADE GUIDE: Shade guide used to monitor the number of teeth are whitened after the treatment
-INSTRUCTION MANUAL: Full-colour instruction manual with a step by step process on how to use effectively

-Add Hot Water: For this step, you will use hot but not boiling water. Boil a pan of water about 4¡± in depth and wait a few minutes for the water to cool down a bit. Holding from the tap, dip one tray in the hot water for 5-6 seconds. The hot water will make the tray very pliable and ready to mold. At this stage, trays will tend to stick together and edges will tend to hold onto each other. Avoid twirling the trays and maintain the contour of the trays.
-Mold Your Trays: Remove the tray from hot water vertically and quickly place the tray around your teeth and suck the air out as you did in Step 1. You can also your fingers and tongue to shape the trays. This will mold the tray to the unique shape of your teeth. You have about 5-10 seconds before the tray cool down. If you are not happy with the fit, you can repeat Steps 2 and 3 several times.
-Trim Your Trays: Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim the front tab away from the tray with scissors. Make sure it is flush with the front surface of the tray. If the trays are too deep for your teeth, you can cut the top of the trays. Custom fitting your trays is very important. Well, fit trays keep the gel in touch with your teeth and away from your gums. Poorly molded trays can¡¯t whiten your teeth and your gums may hurt.
-Add Whitening Gel: Place a very small bead of gel per tooth in the frontal portion of the tray for the front 8-9 teeth. You do not need too much gel, a tiny bead will be enough. You do not need more than 0.25 cc gel per tray. The gel might irritate the gums if the trays are overloaded. Insert the trays very carefully keeping the gel on the teeth and away from the gums. If you feel the gel on your gums, take off the trays and clean your gums. You have plenty of gel to start over. If this is your very first time whitening at home, limit your first session to 2 minutes. Increase the duration of your sessions gradually only if you are comfortable. You can leave the whitening gel on for up to 15 minutes. Remember to clean your trays after each use.
-Turn On the Light (Optional): Light is used during the whitening process along with the trays. Once the trays are filled with gel and already in your mouth, place the light in front of the tray. Turn the light on by pressing the white button. The light is on a timer and it will turn off automatically unless you push the button again. Keep the light on for as long as the treatment lasts.

Are The Teeth Whitening Products Safe To Use?
-Revolutionizing the art of home whitening
-Unique clinically proven formula
-Sterile disposable products
-Conveniently packaged for travel
-Non-invasive treatments
-No saliva drips

Sale price USD $29.00 Regular price USD $16.00

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